ARTICLE David Curelea's Approach to Photographic Art

David Curelea's Photographic Art is an innovative, captivating and unique blend of Photographic Art. An energetic blend of Photo-Documentary styled Photographic Art incorporating Street Photography, Landscape, Photojournalistic, Abstract, Portrait, Conceptual, Nature, Still-life, Macro, Travel and other Photographic Forms. The reason?

David uses whatever vast blend of techniques and forms are necessary to capture and communicate the true essence of a place, subject or concept. How?

His methods are innovative, based on traditional, modern and especially personal principles for visual capture and expression. Sometimes his work and methods are outright experimental.

David recognizes the crucial importance of mastering technology and equipment, but this is where the journey begins not ends. A major ideal behind his work is the crucial connection of one's whole self with one's Photographic Journey, understanding one's Core and Directing one's journey. This results in work that genuinely captures the feeling or emotion of a place or subject. A signature of his work is often a blend encapsulating life, humanity, nature and the emotion within.

These factors set David Curelea's International Award Winning Photographic Art apart, stretching and redefining norms in the Visual Arts and Fine Art Photography industry.

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