ARTICLE What Is Fine Art Photography?

What Is Fine Art Photography?

What is the definition of Fine Art Photography? Actually, the term fine art has much to do with the purpose of the work. It's best to think of finite instead of simply fine - the final usage of the work. The Purpose is what defines Fine Art Photography.

Fine Art Photography could also be defined correctly as Photographic Art, a form of Visual Arts. Photographic Artist David Curelea has developed a list of key characteristics that differentiate a Fine Art Photographer from one that claims not:

What Defines Fine Art Photography?

- Purpose Of The Work Primarily ART. Strongest defining point. Aesthetics & Beauty
- A Pursuit Of The Artists' Own Unique Ideas, Concepts, Style
- Creativity Is Central & Essential
- Often Individual & Personal Work often has strong connection to the Artist
- Works By The Artist Are Prized And Or Collected
- The Creator Of The Work Is Important: Credentials as an Artist
- Fine Craftsmanship evident in Skills, Techniques And Quality Elevating the work
- Sometimes Part Of A Cause Or Message / Communication e.g.: Ansel Adams
- It's Not All About The Money Passion and purpose fuels the Artist. Not necessarily a need to earn a living.

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