ARTICLE & PODCAST The Photographic Journey Model - Your Core & Direction

The Photographic Journey Model is a powerful model for identifying the crucial core and direction of our unique Photographic Journeys. David Curelea developed this simple, yet very powerful Model to help identify, give clarity to, and direct our Photographic Journeys.

Why develop The Photographic Journey Model? There are endless streams of information out there overwhelming us with the technical, technique and rules areas of photography. These are certainly important, but something crucial is missing.

To understand our Photographic Journeys we have to be conscious of where we have come from, where we are, and where we actually want to be. The model also helps us question "why" we photograph - identifying the human side, the part we actually play in our photographic journeys. The person behind the camera is often neglected when we talk about technique and technology.

This model can essentially help us focus on connecting with our photography, ensuring 'our eyes are connected to our heart and mind' (Henri Cartier-Bresson). Connecting our eyes to our heart and mind - not only in terms of our capturing the 'decisive moment', but also in terms of connecting our whole self with our photographic journey.


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