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David Curelea's unique, all-encompassing fine art blend is what drives and distinguishes him in the field. David is a Melbourne based emerging professional photographer.

David uses whatever blend of techniques and forms are necessary to capture the true essence of a place or subject. His methods are innovative, experimental, and based on traditional, modern and especially personal principles for visual capture and expression. David shoots with traditional professional film, mostly in Black & White.

His Interests are in exhibiting his bodies of photographic works, furthering his photographic journey, traveling, and teaching photography - at a personal and editorial level.

The Journey's Beginning:

After a decade-long hobby interest in digital imaging/graphics design, and choosing to end a 7-year career in IT Systems Admin & Support/Web Marketing, David Curelea Photography was founded in 2005. David works a day job part-time to help fuel his photographic passions and directions.

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David Curelea
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