Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) Regarding David Curelea Photography

I want to view images for purchase, etc?
Most of the artwork created by David Curelea will be released through an exhibition initially. Your best option is seeing the image print in an exhibition - the real-world image in all its color, detail, large size and glory. There you'll hear also the whole story behind the image. View upcoming exhibitions

I want to see more images?
In the future, a Portfolio and a detailed Gallery of images will provide a far more comprehensive visual journey through David's work via this website. See above point.

Do you offer Wedding Photography, Event Photography or run International Photography Tours?
No. The focus of David's work is shooting and exhibiting folios of fine art photography following personal vision. See Commercial Photography

What is the Pure Visual Harmony Collection?
This is a fine art collection of future exhibitions: Pure Visual Harmony Collection

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David Curelea
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