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ARTICLE Test your equipment! How Testing Prevented A Disaster!

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It was a battle enough to be on location today, let alone to have an unpleasant surprise during the few minutes of opportunity. The storm-chasing would have paid off. But, not this time. The two lenses that I reached for, were the perfect tools for my new-found subjects. But for now, they'll be useless to me. Something prevented my lenses from focusing to infinity, which today was an absolute need.

Ebay let me down. No, Ebay is great, but the seller who sold me that lens mount adapter should be imprisoned for life. In fact, all the adapters for this type of lens system being sold on ebay by different sellers were flawed. I discovered this when I did my research once I got back in the office.

The lesson: Never go to battle without a proven firearm. Test your equipment to make sure it really does do what it says it will do. Thankfully I was quite close to home, not a few continents away !


How Testing Saved A Disaster! Testing is crucial!

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