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When I informed friends, in fact anyone, that I was taking-up professional photography - one thing was very common in all their reactions that clearly stood out.

Everyone of these people had at least some interest in the areas of photography or art. "Saw a great photo (or painting) recently ...".

Most would ask questions about the type of photography I'm involved-in, or would ask to see some of my work. If I was becoming a plumber or accountant instead, I wonder if people's responses would likely be quite different?

We love photos because they capture a moment in time - just like our minds capture and keep images that mean something to us. Photos also, when captured correctly, capture a feeling, emotion or part of the person's makeup.

It makes me think that capturing photos is a bit like trying to catch butterflies when we were young. A child can do it with the utmost care and attention, or may do it not-knowingly with total tragedy. Taking photos with not even basic know-how is likewise a license for tragedy.

Spending some time to learn a few principles and ideas for improvement to your photos can go a long way towards your further enjoyment of photography, and towards capturing that moment 'as it really was'. It is hoped that these articles can contribute to your achieving just that.

© David Curelea

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